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1500 Hedingham Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604
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Our History

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     The Capital City Church of God is associated with The Church of God, Cleveland, TN which found it's roots in the late 1800s in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  People wanting to see others come to the Lord, and wanting more of God in their own lives began to pray for the leadership of the Lord. God blessed them with a mighty move of His Spirit and that small group of believers, filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, has now grown to over 5.5 million members in 161 countries around the world and is now the oldest continuing Pentecostal denomination.

     The Church of God in Raleigh began in the late 1930s, and this present congregation began in January of 2000 with 51 faithful believers. We have continued to have that same desire as the early church to see others come to the Lord and we have seen God bless our efforts with new families becoming a part of this congregation, and we are still growing into the vision the Lord has given to us. You, and every one that attends, are important to the Lord, and to us. It is our desire that you receive the Blessings of the Lord, and of the Capital City Church of God as you continue to worship with us.

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He's the Light of the World
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Statement of Purpose and Mission

The Capital City Church of God is a family of Spirit-led believers that exists for the purpose of EXALTING Jesus, our Lord and Savior; EXPANDING His Kingdom on Earth; and EQUIPPING believers for meaningful ministry as we fulfill the Great Commission of the Church.

Through the leadership of the Spirit, we have a vision of five (5) pillars that support our purpose, and provide spiritual balance for our local church:

Pillar One To Find To reach the Lost for Jesus Christ.
Pillar Two To Fold To bring converts into the fellowship of the Church.
Pillar Three To Feed To preach and teach the Word of God.
Pillar Four To Form To train our members to become disciples for Christ.
Pillar Five To Field To place disciples in service for the Kingdom of God.