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The Bulletin

He died for you....


Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives:  We are asking every Believer to continue reading the Word of God in 2017.  A Daily Reading Guide is available here or at the church to help you read the Word throughout the year and strengthen your Spirit for the difficult days ahead.  You will learn something new every time you take a trip through His Word!

Canned Food:  Beginning in January 2013, we asked you to please bring a canned food item to help the poor and needy in time of food shortage each time you came to church.  Through your generosity, we have helped a number of families this past year.  Please continue to donate as the Lord leads your heart.  Thank you!

2014: Read the Word!

He died for you....

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He died for you....

Hospital Stays

A recent federal law greatly restricts the disclosure of patient information by hospitals.   As a result, the Pastor and church office may not know that a church member has been admitted to the hospital.  If you are hospitalized and would like to notify the Pastor, it is important that either you or a family member inform the church office as soon as possible.

Please call us at 919-250-1940.

What's up, Doc.

He died for you....

Save Stamps for Missions

Leave a border around the stamps.  Place in the bag on the Women's Ministry bulletin board.   Thank You!

Save your Stamps!!

He died for you....


In case of severe weather, we will notify WRAL channel 5, WTVD channel 11, and WNCN channel 17 about any cancellations of service!

Do we have church today?

He died for you....


Calendar of Events

Special Note of Prayer and Praise…In a Meeting Held on Sunday Sept. 10 with State Administrative Bishop Dennis Page, the Church has selected Rev. Adam L. Herring to serve as the Pastor of the Capital City Church of God. In the next few weeks, Rev. Herring along with his wife Hannah and two children will be making the necessary arrangements to close out their ministry positions and activities at the Dallas COG in Gastonia, NC, and also to take care of their personal responsibilities as they make their move to us. They will need to secure a place to live, etc. and all of the necessary things involved in relocation of a family. Please be in prayer for them as they make this transition that the Lord will allow everything to go smoothly. Our prayer is that as we receive them with our open heart of Love, that the Lord will give them the heart of love, compassion, and care, not only for the CCCOG congregation, but also for the area where so many people need the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…


Wed - Sep 27:7:00am  Christian School Students across the country will meet at their School Flagpole to pray for their school, students, and teachers, and for our country. May the Lord bless each student who participates.


Sun - Oct 8:10:45am  We welcome Pastor Adam Herring and his wife Hannah along with their two children to the Capital City COG as they begin their time of ministry and service to the Church.


Sat - Oct 21:11:00am  Home for Children Harvest Festival at the Kenly Conference Center. Everyone is encouraged to attend to meet the Leadership and Children from the North Carolina Home for Children.


??? - ??? ??: Jesus Returns!!  Are you ready?   "Where will you be the day after The Rapture?"  See the Bible for more information!


This page last updated: September 18, 2017