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We are so glad that you decided to check us out! Our Church Mission is to Worship, Grow and Serve. In the Teen Ministry, we believe our mission is to help students become adults who will - for a lifetime - live out those three mission goals. We believe this can happen when students (1) recognize that God’s Word is our authority, (2) live life on mission for Jesus, and (3) understand the importance of the local church. We want to lead students to have complete ownership of their faith - understanding the truth, living life with purpose, and being grounded in a faith community. We want your family to experience community, grow spiritually, and build relationships here at Capital City.

Every week, we challenge: Show Up and Worship, Grow in God’s word, and Serve in church in some capacity.

Worship: We believe it is critical for students to be present, connected, and engaged in Teen Ministry.
Grow: We challenge students to grow in God’s word and in their walk with Christ. They should see their peers as a mission field and use their influence to invite their lost and unchurched friends, in hopes that they might hear the gospel and come to salvation!
Serve: Nothing of eternal significance happens apart from submitting your whole life to God, so students are challenged to participate and serve in their church and communities.

What to expect each Sunday

We encourage our Capital Teens to attend Sunday school each Sunday at 10:00 AM. This is a great time to connect with other teens and grow in God’s word.

Following Sunday School is our Worship service, our teens will attend the Sunday Worship service with their parents or guardian. We believe that it is important for teens to see their parents engaging in the main worship service. Sunday is characterized by a welcoming environment, biblical teaching, corporate worship and a time of response.  We also encourage all of our teens to serve in some capacity on Sunday mornings. Whether that is in music ministry, kids ministry, on the welcome team or wherever they feel led to serve! We can’t wait to meet you and your teen!

What to expect each Wednesday

Wednesday is one of our favorite times each week! Our Teen Group meets weekly on Wednesday nights for “Wednesday Bible Groups”. Midweek is characterized by a welcoming environment, biblical teaching and a fun and relaxing time to connect with other teens. Midweek is the perfect opportunity for students to get connected, experience God through teaching, and invite lost or unchurched friends to church. Wednesday Bible Groups are from 7:00-8:00 PM. Everyone is welcome!

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